NEWS leverages new “baby boom” to enter the Similarweb D100


Parenting sites might be multiplying like rabbits, but only a select few can attract and retain Mom and Dad’s attention over time. We are thrilled to share that, a major player in our Kueez network, has earned a spot on the Similarweb Digital 100, marking the fastest-growing websites in the US across 10 significant industries, like finance, travel, and technology.

Crucially, was listed among the top 5 in the extremely competitive “News & Media” category. There is no clearer testament to the site’s unique viewpoint, consistently engaging original content, and successful audience retention strategies.

In a world filled with often confusing, conflicting information, effectively meets the needs of modern parents, providing a supportive yet lighthearted platform that understands and addresses their varied concerns and questions. Its rapid growth testifies not only to a post-COVID baby boom, but also to the invaluable resources it offers new and experienced parents, with all the latest news and expert insights.

The #D100 ranking is an industry benchmark that highlights digital excellence alongside rapid growth, based on year-over-year (YoY) traffic growth. It is compiled by Similarweb, the leading global software and data giant, specializing in web analytics, traffic, and overall performance.’s remarkable traffic growth also testifies to the overall strength of the Kueez network in terms of building and growing successful online platforms that resonate with diverse audiences. Our innovative approaches to content creation, user experience, and community building have been central to driving a consistent expansion in web traffic and digital engagement, both at and across the entire Kueez network.

As we celebrate this milestone and pass on our congratulations to the team, we remain committed to delivering high-quality content throughout all our websites and maintaining our superb growth trajectory. We especially look forward to reinforcing’s reputation as a trusted, beloved platform for parents everywhere, including the newest generation of parents-to-be.

Want to learn more about the #D100 and what this achievement means? Take a look at the full #D100 ranking on Similarweb's official website.