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Our story

How it all started

Kueez sprang to life in 2016 with a spark of ambition. Our quest? Crafting a new type of content platform people could go to when craving light yet wholesome content. Recognizing the limitations of existing online publishing tools in the rapidly evolving digital realm, we embarked on developing an innovative, performance-driven technological solution to overcome these challenges. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we have created a comprehensive management platform that streamlines and enhances every aspect of the publishing process.

Spreading the word

We've made a global impact and fueled our rapid growth by leveraging our proprietary technology swiftly. Two years post-launch, our tech powered over 120 websites and reached 200+ million monthly readers. This led to us being recognized by SimilarWeb as one of the top 10 fastest-growing publishers in the United States.

Combining our experience, unique technology, and team of data experts, we started offering other publishers the opportunity to partner with us and take advantage of our cutting-edge technology.

Introducing Kueez SSP

By combining the years of experience under our belt and the vast knowledge we've amassed from working with hundreds of publishers worldwide, we developed a new, comprehensive RTB solution: KueezRTB.

KueezRTB is a product of our deep understanding of publishers' needs and our unrelenting pursuit to reboot the publishing industry. After endless A/B tests and meticulous research, we've developed the perfect RTB solution for the cookieless environment.

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