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We are Kueez

Our mission is to become the world’s leading platform for creating, distributing and monetizing online content. As part of this mission, one of our top goals is to create reliable content that always stays fresh, intriguing and relevant. This content attracts millions of high-quality, engaged readers every day.

Content Niches

We offer content on many topics - pets and animals, beauty and fashion, games and quizzes - with more to come. There is something for every reader to discover. Whether it's gel manicures, cute puppies, or unbelievable stories from around the world, our content is guaranteed to grab readers' attention and keep them coming back.


The audience on our websites is comprised of returning visitors that love our content and have developed a connection to our brands; as well as new visitors that come from reliable sources
(e.g. Facebook and Taboola), through carefully selected partners.


Our in-house platform, with its powerful analysis and optimization abilities, helps us make better decisions based on valuable insights. It allows us to boost our creativity with analytics, seeing which content works best, when and where, how long it should be and more. It's another element that helps create a better experience for our readers.



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We are a small and amazingly efficient team of professionals specializing in content, engagement, media buying, and monetization.

Kueez was born in 2016, out of the cooperation of three friends - Or, Ori and Daniel - that started working together ten years ago. “We founded Kueez because we wanted a place to experiment, to do our own thing and explore new ideas,” says Or, Kueez’s co-founder and VP of product. “Each of us brought their unique capabilities to the table - creativity, strategic thinking, execution, and technical skills, among others, and it turned out to be a killer combination."

The knowledge and experience the three gained in media buying, campaign management and user engagement translated to expertise and allowed a unique point of view. After establishing Kueez, they searched for and carefully selected the most skilled and talented people to join them on their journey.

This combination of expertise, highly talented professionals, a strong technical background and the freedom to experiment and get creative allowed Kueez to develop better solutions for content creation, distribution, and monetization.

The Team

Ori Mendi

Co-Founder & CEO

Or Katzelson

Co-Founder & VP Product

Daniel Tony

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Shahaf Kimhi


Elad Yosifon


Hila Tzur

Content Manager

Ashley Lejserowits‏

Content Writer & Social Media

Dillon Melet

Copywriter & Editor

Aviv Mendi

PPC Campaign Manager

Omer Erlichman


Rachel Mendi


Val Burtakov

Head of Design

Yoav Maor

Advisory Board

Idan More


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