KueezRTB: revenue generation re-engineered

Remarkable ROI, with a lightning-fast response and forward-thinking cookieless technology

The bottom line

We created the perfect solution for the cookieless environment

Above all - Results

At the end of the day, results speak louder than words. Our solution is based on high-frequency iterations, A/B tests, and rigorous R&D - leading us to drive incremental revenue for our partners, always.

Our foundations:


Smooth Pre-bid Integration

Our pre-bid integration simplifies the setup process and ensures efficient monetization of your website, eliminating potential complexities and saving you time and effort.


Nearly No Latency

Timing is everything when it comes to content. Our real-time bidding solution ensures swift ad delivery and smooth browsing, keeping your users engaged and experiencing minimal latency.


Crumbling Cookieless

We’ve monetized the cookieless environment for unmatched iOS results.


Elevating Efficiency

Nearly 100% of user IDs passed via optimal data transmission.


Demand Variety

We strive to drive high CPM across platforms by mixing display, contextual, and native formats.

With 512% YOY growth, driven by our own advertising technology, Kueez has been recognized as one of the top 5 fastest growing news publishing companies in the US.

By similarweb 2022 report

Generate more from your revenues and increase your programmatic yield today.