How Kueez scaled partnerships through Meta marketing API


Kueez, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, provides technological solutions for publishers built on top of Meta’s API infrastructure. Kueez has 3 main competitive advantages, which combined creates huge value for any company they partner with: cutting-edge technology (partly created using Meta's API), data-driven content creation and a high-end monetization suite. Partners include established media companies, as well as up-and-coming digital publishers.

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The Kueez platform also provides above-industry viewability metrics, with a higher ROI. As well as providing a brand-safe experience for users and advertisers, it offers publishers the opportunity to make data-driven monetization decisions, improving overall performance.
In this success story, learn how Kueez leveraged its technology, integrated with Meta APIs, to become a market leader in data-driven publishing solutions.

Business challenge

The digital publishing industry was always strong at creating high-quality content, but sometimes lacked the technological edge other digital verticals excelled in. When Kueez was founded in 2016, the team quickly realized that the tools and methods available to online publishers were not cut out for the fast-paced, constantly evolving digital world.
Therefore, it built its own media-buying platform for digital publishers. However, they faced a challenge: creating best-in-class technology for the online publishing world.

Solution and implementation

As a part of their end-to-end tech solution for publishers, Kueez created a platform integrated with Meta APIs to help digital publishers to optimize their business through data-led processes at scale.
Kueez’s solution for publishers is comprised of 3 main pillars:

1. Technology

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Kueez technology has 3 main aspects built with Meta APIs, enabling it to accomplish successful scaling through partnerships:

  • Every user that goes through the Kueez web infrastructure is reported through Meta’s Conversions API, which keeps track of a user’s journey, creating a “session value.”
  • Kueez then implements the Business Asset Management API to automate the process of managing those assets in a secure way with partners.
  • Campaign automation is then formed through Marketing API.


“With Meta API integrated, Kueez reaches new audiences using its mutual solution. On one hand, the solution validates the audience's quality and intent, while allowing us to scale automatically on the other hand. This collaboration represents an important growth stream for Kueez.”

Ori Mendi
Co-Founder and CEO