We’re looking for talented, motivated people to join our journy to build the future of entertainment for millions of people around the globe

The Kueez Way

Automation over population

Keeping our operation smart and small gives everyone the chance to make an impact, and yes - it also requires hard and efficient work. Our smart platform also helps us stay lean and focused, providing us with powerful automation solutions.

Invention and innovation

We’re motivated to invent and we’re always looking for the next thing: which technologies are the most innovative? How can we further improve our data analysis and performance? What are the next content trends?

Keeping it professional

Our professional level is what allows us to keep inventing and responding quickly to what's happening in the world. For us, being professional means being organized, making data-driven decisions, and sharing knowledge with each other.

Having fun

At the end of the day, that’s what we’re here for! We love what we do and love our work as a team. We also enjoy the view from our 40th-floor office and an occasional ping pong match or a game of Pacman on our office arcade machine.

Meet The People

“The biggest challenge in the publishing industry is creating a synergy between good content, smart marketing techniques, and advanced technology.”

Shahaf Kimhi


"Being data-driven is important, but when it comes to great content, it's all about being emotion-driven"


Content Manager

“I believe in Automation. Everywhere.Automation allows you to have a good night sleep and establish trust in your products.”


Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Didn't find the right position?

Even if you didn't find a position that matches your skills right now, we are always looking for talented, motivated people to join our team. Send us your details and we'll be more than happy to be in touch if we have something that might be right for you.

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