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The Publisher and each of the Additional Offers shall comply with these Guidelines (the “Guidelines”), as applicable.

“Distribution” shall mean the promotion, advertise and offering of the Advertisements to the End User via the Inventory.


  1. The Publisher shall ensure that its Properties are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations ("Laws").
  2. The Publisher shall be fully compliant with industry best standards and practices, including without limitation the standards and terms of advertising networks, affiliates networks, anti-virus and security guidelines, search engines and browsers ("Industry Standards").
  3. Any action taken directly or indirectly by the Publisher with respect to the IO or any part thereof shall not and will not encourage any activity, use, promotion or endorsement of any content that Company, in its sole discretion, deems to be Objectionable Content or Fraudulent Activity.
  4. The Publisher shall solely use the Properties provided by or approved under an applicable IO (except otherwise agreed in writing between the parties).

Without derogation from the language of the DPA, If the Publisher wishes to collect any data from End Users for sharing with Company under the Agreement, the Publisher must provide End User with privacy policy commensurate with the requirements of all applicable laws and which shall be easily available for review by any End User prior to any information being collected. Such privacy policy must have clear and accurate description of the information that is collected, used or shared with third parties (including Company and Advertisers), the method and purpose of collection, and the type of recipients of any such collected information. Additionally, any implementation of tracking technologies by Publisher (including by third parties such as Company or Advertisers) should be subject to End User's affirmative consent in all applicable jurisdictions (and within the EU in particular). Personal Data shall be collected and shared by Publisher only on the basis of End User consent or subject to Publisher having established other lawful grounds, as applicable.


  1. All pages of the Publisher Properties must host content (slideshows, infographic, articles, video, quizzes, etc, offering value for the reader) and have functioning navigation.
  2. Ensure Ads are clearly distinguishable from other content.
  3. Don’t place Ads where people are likely to accidentally click or interact with them (ex: placing ads where people randomly click or place their fingers, such as near buttons).
  4. Ad must not be financially incentivized.
  5. Websites sites must not display or refer to any content which includes:

    1. adult/sexual content/pornography
    2. hate/violence/discrimination (racial, ethnical or other)
    3. defamatory, indecent, seditious, offensive, harmful content
    4. content infringing on any person's right to privacy
    5. gambling or other restricted or regulated content
    6. fake news or fake information
    7. weapons, ammunition, drugs or drug paraphernalia, alcohol
    8. content targeted at minors under the age of 16 (or as otherwise determined in each End User's applicable jurisdiction of residence)



  1. All Publishers are required to comply with Kueez's publisher technical guidelines that will be sent separately.

    Publisher acknowledges and agrees that at any time during the term hereof, if in Company’s reasonable judgment the Publisher is not in compliance with the Guidelines, engages in any prohibited behavior under this Agreement or any other activity which has an adverse impact on the End Users or Company’s or Advertisers' reputation and branding, then Company may, at its sole discretion: (i) terminate the IO, immediately or (ii) take any measures needed in Company's reasonable discretion to prevent or correct such behavior.