TV-Bee: a new Content Platform launched by Kueez Entertainment

Feb 10, 2021

Israeli technology turns online publications into media moguls by automating all major challenges facing publishers today. Already on board – mako – the digital arm by Keshet Media Group.

To understand what they did right and how businesses can turn challenging restrictions and changes into opportunities to evolve, Shahaf Kimhi, Kueez’s COO, offers insight:

“When we launched our first website in 2016, we offered personal content such as fun questionnaires and games. It was great but relied too heavily on factors beyond our control, such as social media algorithms and our users` willingness to register and volunteer personal information.

However, in 2019, there were changes made regarding privacy policies worldwide, and people became more reluctant to share that type of information. It was time to rethink our products and shift our business model to meet the new market’s demands.

Even before we knew what our new venture would be, we had our priorities straight. We wanted to stay true to our company’s DNA, create a product that came naturally to us, and utilize our employee’s professional capabilities, so we could keep our little “family” intact. We analyzed the market and identified trends that were closest to our strong sides.

It didn’t take long for us to realize our purpose had become providing people with some much-needed escapism throughout their day by creating fun, quality content. It was imperative that our content would be accessible to all and wouldn’t require any registration procedures or payments.

We started learning the ropes of publishing and adapted our technologies to serve our objectives. We launched our renewed website in June 2019, and by October that same year, we had already reached a much wider audience and increased our revenues substantially.

Today Kueez runs over 20 self-owned websites, reaching an international audience of over 60 million visitors each month, all with a relatively modest number of employees and one mega managed platform.

“As we prepare for the year 2021, with all the changes and challenges that have been brought upon us amid Covid-19, Kueez is more committed and determined than ever to continue providing audiences across the globe with the high quality, entertaining content they know and love.”