We expand publishing operations.
Yes, even on days like these

Our technology and years of experience, enable us to help publishers accelerate growth with a results-based business model and seamless integration.

Introducing our secret recipe to digital expansion

As publishers ourselves, we know the types of challenges you are facing: producing valuable insights and action of accumulated datasets, scattering and connecting information between different platforms and variables that aren’t revenue-based.

Over the years, we have built a Full Cycle Technology Platform. It helped position us as one of the fastest-growing publishers in the United States. Now we are offering select publishers the opportunity to benefits from our robust technology and expertise by establishing a joint activity.

Here's what you can expect when partnering with us


We bring our unique accumulated knowledge at growing content sites to a global scale comprising hundreds of millions of readers. We bring systematic, proven methods across all publishing processes.

Unique technology

Our platform enables maximum growth without interfering or compromising your existing code. Content management, high-scale media buying, A/B testing, and more - all designed to generate rapid growth.

Responsible partnership

We’re looking for partners who share our values, and with whom we can enjoy working and growing together. Everything from the integration all the way to generating revenue – we're here to guide, support and help your business expand.

Check out our tools

Reports and Analytics

Answer all the questions publishers are dealing with; we emphasize content measurement capabilities, creatives, and for the first time - a connection to real-time revenue and profitability for all aspects of your activity.

A/B Testing

Testing user behavior and creating the perfect experience in any cross-granularity allows progress across all KPIs. Our robust A/B Testing tool enables creation of unlimited tests to examine any change in reader behavior, revenue data, and overall experience.

Ad Management

Manage tens of thousands of campaigns instantly and simultaneously. Conveniently streamline everything from campaign creation to insight generation and performing multiple actions - all at maximum efficiency with minimum effort.


Manage thousands of articles and ads across dozens of sites and languages. Producing content, editing, translating and publishing is now just a few clicks away.

Smart Alerts

Stay informed in real time in case of sudden changes or anomalies. The fact that nothing stays under the radar provides publishers control at all times.

Monetization-Fraud Detection

Adjust the perfect layout in every possible aspect, creating high viewability and fast loading. Along with our advertiser competition management, this tool produces high income per visit without having to compromise user experience.

A word from our partners

"We've been wanting to expand into the global market for a long time, particularly after witnessing the great success Keshet has had in doing so. This new platform is our first step in that direction, and we're thrilled to be partnering with Kueez. They've already shown great success in reaching millions of audiences worldwide and are top professionals with an uncompromising strive for excellence in everything they do."

Uri Rosen

CEO at MAKO of Keshet Internationalet

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