Promoting a technology-first approach

Kueez publisher-centric technology enables to manage your business efficiently, grow rapidly and increase your profitability. Seamless integration into customers' surroundings guaranteed.

Designed for media companies and online publishers

The critical elements of balancing Big Data,
usability, decisions, and scaling

Usability is Key

Kueez's intuitive interface enables quick and convenient access to hundreds of terabytes of data. We emphasize ease-of-use, visual consistency, and clear, methodological management processes.

Informed Decision Making

Based on real time understanding of data, publishers can make informed decisions throughout the entire lifecycle of publishing. From article writing, ads' creative, to campaign management and website user experience.

Scale through Automation

Our technology offers hands-on management of hundreds of websites, thousands of articles, tens of thousands of ads on dozens of different media platforms.

Built to optimize everything

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Reports and Analytics

Answer all the questions publishers are dealing with; we emphasize content measurement capabilities, creatives, and for the first time - a connection to real-time revenue and profitability for all aspects of your activity.

A/B Testing

Testing user behavior and creating the perfect experience in any cross-granularity allows progress across all KPIs. Our robust A/B Testing tool enables creation of unlimited tests to examine any change in reader behavior, revenue data, and overall experience.

Ad Management

Manage tens of thousands of campaigns instantly and simultaneously. Conveniently streamline everything from campaign creation to insight generation and performing multiple actions - all at maximum efficiency with minimum effort.


Manage thousands of articles and ads across dozens of sites and languages. Producing content, editing, translating and publishing is now just a few clicks away.

Smart Alerts

Stay informed in real time in case of sudden changes or anomalies. The fact that nothing stays under the radar provides publishers control at all times.

Monetization-Fraud Detection

Adjust the perfect layout in every possible aspect, creating high viewability and fast loading. Along with our advertiser competition management, this tool produces high income per visit without having to compromise user experience.

Our solutions

For publishers

Reap the benefits of our advanced technology platform to increase and enhance your publishing business.

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For advertisers

Get direct access to our powerful o&o websites' ultra-targeted audience reaching 100 million visitors / month.

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